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Hunter: The Last Line


A group of strangers learn they have more in common with each other than they thought: namely the ability to hunt supernatural creatures.  In a world of vampires, werewolves, demons, mummies, and other supernatural horrors, they are the chosen... they are the last line of defense... they are Hunters.




"Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."


A young Il'dari woman defects from her former Order to find her own way in the world as an agent-for-hire during a time of unrest, and finds herself in the middle of a mission that will not only change her life, but will affect the fate of the galaxy.


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Five friends at a present-day college campus are mourning the loss of their friend when they find something unusual among his things: a jeweled amulet and a cache of old, handwritten texts.


Releasing an ancient, powerful being, they begin to get everything they could ever wish and dream for. Dreams can come true, but they come at a price..

Sector 6


Earth: Distant Future


The world's governments have all fallen, and Corporations now rule, having divided the countries into Sectors.  After years of struggling, one group managed to develop a means to bring down the most powerful Corporation in control: ReinCorp of Sector 6. With the collapse of ReinCorp, the liberation of the other sectors would soon follow.


During the initial mission, one of the members of the resistence was taken. Now it is up to one girl--his sister--to find him and help complete the mission he started. All she has to do is escape from Sector 8... and make it to Sector 6..

Deosil: The Beginning


A promising young college student happens upon a man with an amulet. It isn't long before things begin going his way... and then going horribly, horribly wrong. Can he find a way to stop the evil that's been released, or will he become the next pawn in its game for power?

Twas the Night: A Christmas Horror Story


A Winter Solstice party in a large house. 6 individuals decide to rouse the Christmas Spirit with an anthology of creepy tales for the Yuletide hour. But what happens when they find themselves in their own terrifying tale?

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