Daphne Reeder: Owner/Director


Daphne is an innovative force all her own: actress, singer, writer, dancer, model, and all around performer. She's no stranger to stage, screen, and flashing cameras. She decided to form Drache Media Films when she'd begun to write several scripts. She wanted to see them come to fruition, but not at the expense of surrendering her own creativity. What better way to get your vision seen than by forming your own independent film company, and gathering people around you who share the same passions? That's exactly what she did, and she's never looked back.



Jacqui Thompson: Costuming/Makeup


Jacqui is a creative seamstress with an eye for detail and a hand for the imaginative. She has worked on elaborate costumes for various performers, and Drache Media Films is more than proud to have her keen eye and careful hand as part of the crew.